Service is an essential aspect of our sorority and serves as a guiding force for all sisters. Collectively, Delta Phi Epsilon completes over 600 hours of community service annually. The causes and charities that we serve are as diverse as this world around us. Sisters have the opportunity to serve whatever causes they are most passionate about. The sorority as a whole comes together annually to elect an organization, which our fundraising efforts support. Numerous events throughout the year contribute to raising awareness and monetary support for our annually elected cause. In 2015, our chapter chose to support My Sister’s Place. My Sister's Place is part of an interactive community committed to eradicating domestic violence. They provide safe and confidential emergency shelter and transitional-to-permanent housing to battered women and their children.  They also provide supportive programs, counseling, education and advocacy to all survivors of domestic violence.  Their goal is to empower survivors to take control of their own lives. Delta Phi Epsilon is honored to have the opportunity to support this phenomenal organization doing incredible work. 


Sisterhood is the heart and soul of our organization. We are extremely proud of the supportive, encouraging, and accepting environment that defines our sisterhood. When you join Delta Phi Epsilon, you gain a network of individuals to not only practice interview skills and eat meals with, but a community of empowering friends that constantly inspire and protect you. Mentorship is a crucial part of professional development and sisterly bonding; this is established in Delta Phi Epsilon through the Big Little relationship. The sisterhood you build during your undergraduate career quickly expands to become your professional network of alumni all over the world following graduation. Wherever we go in this world, the bond of sisterhood keeps Delta Phi Epsilon sisters united forever. 


Delta Phi Epsilon is above all else a professional Foreign Service sorority. Therefore, our commitment to professional development is immense. There are numerous executive board positions within our sorority dedicated to providing sisters with comprehensive professional development, networking opportunities, alumni mentorship, and overall guidance for post-graduate life. All sisters of Delta Phi Epsilon are equipped with the skills to be a productive and successful professional during the pledging process. However, professionalism is a skill that can always be improved and practiced. We cover everything from how to ace challenging interviews, build the perfect resume, and apply for major scholarships to organizing networking mixers with D.C. professionals, community members, and professors.  Delta Phi Epsilon is an incredible bridge between the traditional college experience and the post-graduate professional world.

About Delta Phi Epsilon

Delta Phi Epsilon Pi Sorority is a professional foreign service sorority chartered at American University in Washington, D.C. DPE is a sisterhood of highly-motived young individu committed to professionalism, global citizenship and female empowerment. The sisterhood is comprised of nearly 60 undergraduate students pursuing careers in various fields, all with the common theme of service. We are committed to fostering an interest in international affairs and professional development within out sorority.

The mission of Delta Phi Epsilon is to promote good fellowship among persons studying or engaged in foreign service. An irrefutable desire to travel the world, experience new cultures and serve the global community unite the sister of Delta Phi Epsilon.

Our sisterhood began at Georgetown University in 1973. Delta Phi Epsilon now has chapters at Georgetown University, George Washington University, New York University, University of California at Berkeley, and our chapter at American University. Notable sisters of the sorority include former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright. An essential aspect of this sorority is the strong sense of community we strive to achieve. Not only are we a tight-knit group of women that support and encourage each other, we also believe in giving back to the larger community. Sisters of Delta Phi Epsilon serve the AU, Washington, DC, and global community.

The sisters of Delta Phi Epsilon Pi Chapter are professional women dedicated to life-long learning united by a passion to make the world around us a better place. 





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