Delta Phi Epsilon Pi Sorority Unequivocally Denounces Terrence Boyle
American University
Washington, D.C.
July 24th, 2018

Yesterday, The Chronicle of Higher Education published an article detailing the allegations of racism and sexism which many members of DPE organizations have brought against the national secretary, Terrence Boyle. While we have historically limited our interactions with Mr. Boyle to necessary, formal requirements, we too have been witness to his sexist, racist, and outdated style of governance. We are committed to rejecting his bigotry in all its forms, and offer our unconditional support to those in our organization who have been directly affected by it.

At Pi Chapter, our definition of sisterhood has meant that we are committed to building a sisterhood that is not defined by race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexuality, or nationality but that is strengthened by diversity. We are dedicated to fostering diversity and equality through our organization and our service. 

The executive board of Delta Phi Epsilon Pi Chapter Sorority at American University joins our fellow sorority chapters and members of DPE in unequivocally denouncing Terrence Boyle. Over the past few weeks, our executive board has been in regular contact with that of other chapters as we find a path forward for our organization. As our path forward becomes clear, we will bring it first to our sisterhood and then to the public.

Please reach out to our Chapter President, Alyssa Arceo, with any questions or concerns at For more information about our sorority, please visit our Facebook page.

Link to The Chronicle article.